FIRST PHOTOS: Elvis Presley's only great-grandchild makes her debut, more great photos of stars with their kids in 2023

See the best photos of celebrities out and about with their children in 2023.

74 Celebrities and Their Vintage Doppelgängers

You won't believe these stars aren't related.

Insane Led Zeppelin tales that no one talks about

Led Zeppelin is arguably the first heavy rock band and one of the greatest bands of all time, period. Nine huge albums, legendary live shows, and hundreds of millions of records sold around the world. There’s really no overstating how influential and respected they were in music communities. But there was something else to the story, too. Between vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham, they spent a lot of time on tour trashing hotel rooms, consuming unspeakable amounts of drugs, and much worse. To hear some of the most outrageous stories about Led Zeppelin, click through this gallery.

Priscilla Presley’s Son Navarone Garcia Opens Up About Famous Lineage: ‘People Know ‘About’ Me, They Don’t ‘Know’ Me’

Despite his famous mother, Navarone Garibaldi Garcia has largely stayed out of the spotlight. The public only knows his mother Priscilla Presley, as the 77-year-old ex-wife of Elvis. “A lot of people know about me,” the musician told People. “But they don’t know me.” While he may have been less well-known compared to his half-sister,

Rare Photos of Princess Diana as a Mom You Probably Haven't Seen Before

The huge smiles on William and Harry's faces say it all. Princess Diana changed Buckingham Palace — and the public's perception of it — in so many ways. While she's remembered for her graceful composure and impeccable fashion, those traits were small parts of her lasting legacy. The way she raised her two children was another: Lady Di's parenting style, captured in both candid shots and widely-released photos, had never been seen before in the British royal family. Time after time, she broke royal protocol when it came to Prince William and Prince Harry, from giving birth in a regular hospital to showing them public affection with a great big bear hug. Read on to learn about Princess Diana's experiences with motherhood, many of which were captured in sweet pictures of family getaways and trips to McDonald's with the sons she loved so dearly.

Actors and actresses who were fired on the spot

Serena Williams Speaks Out About Will Smith’s Infamous Oscars Slap: “We’re All Human”

Almost one year after the Slap that was heard around the world, Serena Williams opened up about the now-infamous moment that took place shortly before Will Smith won the 2022 Oscar for best actor in King Richard. Ahead of Smith’s win, Chris Rock took to the Academy Awards stage to present the award for best

Who died in Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace was the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II for 68 years. Built in 1703 and originally known as Buckingham House, it grew over the years into the palace we know today, becoming a royal residence in 1761. Indeed, Buckingham Palace has a rich history, and this of course includes all those who have died there—some under unlikely circumstances. Curious to find out who they are? Then simply click on.

Kitten's Adorable Sneak Attack

Occurred on January 26, 2023 / Sao Leopoldo, Brazil: "My kitten tries to hide in order to scare the person who is filming. After the fright, the cat runs away."

What happened to Alberto Tomba?

You have to watch Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander dance in Aruba

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander showed off their dance moves during their visit to Aruba on Jan. 31.

Movies you didn't know were based on true stories

One of the wonderful things about fiction is that it invents a space in which anything can happen. Events that seem entirely illogical or far-fetched are at home and comfortable in a fictional narrative. Indeed the storylines of many books and films leave us thinking, "Imagine if that happened in real life!" But in some very surprising cases, it did. Check out this gallery for some films you'd never guess took inspiration from real-life events.

King Charles Is Reportedly “in Talks” to Hit Back at Prince Harry in a New Interview

King Charles might give his side of the story in a landmark BBC interview.

Former Victoria's Secret model gives birth to third child with rock star husband accused of multiple affairs, more stars who had babies in 2023

See all the celebrities who gave birth, expanded their families or revealed happy baby news in 2023.

Celebrities open up about raising children with disabilities

Having a disability doesn't necessarily mean a person will be limited when it comes to achieving their dreams. In fact, there are quite a few successful celebrities with disabilities! But having a disabled child can indeed change a lot of things in how we experience parenthood. Many famous faces have gone through this and have opened up about raising kids with disabilities. Browse through the following gallery and check what these stars have to say about parenting children with different needs.

Ozzy Osbourne announces he's retiring from touring at 74: See the Black Sabbath frontman plus more rock stars when they were young

Take a look back at some of our all-time favorite rockers when they were young.

'A beautiful person': Family, friends celebrate life of Tyre Nichols

Family and friends were joined by public figures for the funeral of Tyre Nichols, who died on January 10 after being brutally beaten by police officers in Memphis, Tennessee. Jackson Proskow reports on the emotional tributes for Nichols, and the calls for action following another publicized episode of police brutality.

M. Night Shyamalan Reveals Whether He’d Prefer A Film To Win 12 Oscars Or Earn $500M: ‘Not Even Close!’

While promoting his new film “Knock at the Cabin”, director M. Night Shyamalan was asked by Variety to play a game of “Would You Rather?” In addition to revealing whether he’d rather climb into a wrestling ring with Dave Bautista or sing with Jonathan Groff, the director of such films as “The Sixth Sense” and “Split” was

Your Daily Astrology: Feb. 2 for 02/02/23

THURSDAY, FEB. 2, 2023 BIRTHDAY STAR: Actor Emily Rose was born in Renton, Washington, on this day in 1981. This birthday star portrayed Audrey Parker on the series “Haven” from 2010-2015. She’s also appeared on episodes of “Private Eyes,” NCIS” and “Take Two.” Rose’s film resume includes roles in TV movies “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristin...

The fascinating untold life of Viggo Mortensen

Most people who know Viggo Mortensen either know him from the extremely rewatchable ‘Lord of the Rings’ franchise, or as the lead role in the Best Picture-winning ‘Green Book.’ But between and around those monumental roles lies a dense, mysterious fog, where many untold stories lurk. As it turns out, Mortensen is much more than just an actor, though he's talented enough on-screen that he doesn't need to flaunt any other skills. But the star actually has various other careers, interesting quirks, and story arcs in his life that could fill novels. Click through to see the artist in many new lights.

America's Most Wanted: Infamous serial killers

Murder mysteries and true crime stories always seem to take hold of public interest. What is it about the most sinister that the sane find so intriguing? Check out this list of America's most well-known killers...if you dare.

Wild Throwback Photos of Celebrities Celebrating New Year's Eve

If a star wasn't partying at LAVO in 2007, what were they EVEN DOING?

Riches to rags: celebs who died broke

Being a celebrity is anything but cheap. Sure, you may have a higher wage than the average person, but there's still a lot of overhead costs for an A-lister. There's rent due on all those properties, and plenty of bills for those lavish vacations too. Factor in a drug addiction or two, and you have quite an expensive lifestyle. Sadly, this means that not every celeb gets to take their wealth to the grave. Some of the most influential people ever have actually died broke. Click on to see the surprising celebs who passed away penniless.

THIS Is Gisele Bündchen's Reaction to Tom Brady Retiring After The Divorce

Tom Brady retired in 2022 but went back on it a month laterHe and his wife Gisele Bündchen divorced not long afterBrady now retired again, and his ex-wife reacted online Tom Brady is finally ready to call it a career (again!). The NFL star announced his retirement "for good" this time in a social media video on Feb. 1. You probably remember that Brady retired early last year, only to change his mind a month later and return for the 2022 NFL...

Actors you didn't realize may never act again

From Bruce Willis to Daniel Day-Lewis, many actors have made the decision to step away from their trade, whether for health reasons or due to a sense of satisfaction with what they've achieved. While some actors went out with a bang and made a big retirement announcement, others slipped away quietly. Whatever the case, check out this gallery to discover some actors you didn't realize may never act again.

Julie and Todd Chrisley's daily prison lives revealed

‘Teen Mom 3’ Kids Then and Now: Pics

Growth spurt! Teen Mom 3 may have only lasted for one season in 2013, but the spinoff’s stars Briana DeJesus, Mackenzie McKee, Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager — and their children! — made a lasting impression on viewers. While DeJesus and McKee went on to star on other iterations of the franchise (the Florida native joined Teen Mom 2 in 2017 while the Body by Mac founder embarked on her Teen Mom OG journey two years later), both Sekella and Yeager opted for lives out of the spotlight. “I like my privacy,” Yeager, who shares daughter Molli with ex Joey Mayes and another daughter, nicknamed “Baby Thayn,” with now-ex-boyfriend Tyler, told E! News in 2017. “Once the show ended it was a bittersweet feeling but I was relieved to have an out to go back to a somewhat normal life.” After the MTV cameras stopped rolling, “I went to school. I moved [from Wyoming] to Utah,” Yeager added. “I was working for a rehab facility and it was just a regular day-to-day life, taking care of my daughter. … I graduated from school and have always worked. I can now go places and be normal and not have people following me around.” In order to view the video, please allow Manage Cookies Sekella, who shares daughter Arabella with ex Matt McCann and daughter Althea with husband Tim Peters, also keeps a low profile — but still gives fans glimpses into her life as a mom of two via social media. In January 2022, the dancer — whose rocky coparenting relationship with McCann played out on her episode of 16 and Pregnant and on TM3 — revealed that her husband officially adopted Arabella. “It has been a VERY VERY LONG process but we can finally say Arabella is a PETERS!! ,” Sekella captioned a photo of her husband and eldest daughter smiling at the courthouse. When it comes to DeJesus’ children — she shares daughter Nova with ex Devoin Austin and daughter Stella with ex Luis Hernandez — fans have watched the little girls grow up from babies to sweet children amid the ongoing coparenting drama with their respective parents. Despite DeJesus and Austin’s occasionally tumultuous relationship, he has frequently stepped up to the plate to be a father figure to Stella and sees the girls as a package deal. McKee’s three children — she is mom of sons Gannon and Broncs and daughter Jaxie with ex-husband Josh McKee — have also dealt with hardships, including the loss of their “Nanny,” Mackenzie’s mom, as well as their parents’ divorce. Mackenzie and her kids live in Florida, where she’s constantly posting photos of them enjoying the beach and smiling together. Scroll to see where the Teen Mom 3 kids are today:

Groundhog Day Producer Recalls 'Tense Shoot' Due to Conflict Between Bill Murray and Harold Ramis

Bill Murray and Harold Ramis did not speak for years after they made the 1993 classic Groundhog Day

Cheap shots: Films that were made on a shoestring budget

Even big-time filmmakers will occasionally work on a shoestring budget. Sure, not Jim Cameron but, you know, other guys. Here are some notable films that were made on the cheap.

Have you seen them? The best episodes in TV history

Real reason for Tom Brady retirement revealed

Tom Brady went through a public divorce with supermodel Gisele Bündchen at the start of the season. The trouble started brewing in August when media reports surfaced about Bündchen delivering an ultimatum to Brady: Retire after the season or else. Though we don’t know for sure what went on behind closed doors for certain, we Read more... The post Real reason for Tom Brady retirement revealed appeared first on The Comeback: Today’s Top Sports...

The 63 Shortest Celebrity Marriages

From Britney Spears’s 55-hour marriage to Kim K. calling it quits after just 72 days.

Helena Bonham Carter says ‘The Crown’ should end because it’s no longer ‘historical drama’

Helena Bonham Carter said in a recent interview that Netflix’s “The Crown” should end now as it’s no longer a historical drama.

Dancing their way to Hollywood: stars who stripped down to make ends meet

When rock stars cut off their hair

In the 1960s, many rock musicians started to let their hair grow long. It was a sign of the times, of change and rebellion. Throughout most of the '70s and '80s, the vast majority of rock stars had long hair. From the cool, natural look to the most outrageous hairstyles, we've seen it all. But there also came a time when these iconic music personalities called it a day and chopped off their long hair. Browse through the following gallery and see the before and after pictures!

The 14 Best-Dressed Stars at the 80th Annual Golden Globes

Including Rihanna, who made a fashionably late appearance.

Dave Bautista Says He’ll Never Return to Drax Just to Collect a Marvel Paycheck: It Would ‘Tarnish’ a ‘Perfect’ Exit

Dave Bautista really, really means it when he says “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” will be his final outing as Drax the Destroyer. During a recent visit on “The Tonight Show,” the actor stuck to his guns about exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe and questioned why it’s still news at this point. “Yeah, it’s

The Fight for the Elvis Presley Fortune

How do Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, Riley Keough, and the rest of the Presley clan make their money, and what do they spend their fortunes on?

In first interview since son's death at 24, supermodel reveals what helps her grief, more stars who've lost children in recent years

Jack Wagner, Regina King, Sinead O'Connor, Nick Cannon, Chris Daughtry and more stars said goodbye to their kids in 2021 and 2022.

Elizabeth and Philip: their love story in photos

The Most Popular Wedding Song the Year You Got Married

Everyone was cutting loose in '84.

Christie Brinkley turns 69! Look back at stunning photos from early in her career

Celebrate Christie Brinkley's 69th birthday by taking a look back at the most stunningly beautiful snaps from early in her career.

Famous people who died in January 2023

Remembering Chadwick Boseman’s life and career

The actor who became a star with his portrayal of Marvel hero Black Panther made an indelible mark on Hollywood, as well as the fans and friends who loved him. After his death from cancer in 2020 at the age of 43, the impact of his body of work, and his generous and inspiring personality, became all the more apparent. Here we look back at some of the highlights of Chadwick Boseman’s unforgettable life and career.

'Dr. Phil' Talk Show To End After 21 Seasons

The hit daytime show starring Dr. Phil is coming to an end after 21 seasons. In a statement to 'People' magazine, the TV personality hints at what might be next.

Read Queen Camilla's Unexpected Reply to Collector Who Tracked Down a Photo of Her Ancestor

Amateur historian Adam Simpson-York tells PEOPLE he was thrilled to receive a personal letter from Queen Camilla

Sarah Herron's Baby Dies in His 'Dad's Arms' After Being Born Premature: 'We Love You So Much'

"Oliver, our IVF miracle defied so many odds and fought through so many hard milestones to be here, but the higher powers still had other plans for the three of us," the Bachelor alum wrote

Ozzy Osbourne is unwell, announced withdrawal from tour and canceled all shows

Ozzy Osbourne has pulled out of the tour and canceled all of his upcoming shows. After announcing the stop of the May and June European tour with Judas Priest, the singer released a statement Tuesday clarifying the reasons for the cancellation. The 74-year-old rocker was diagnosed with Parkinson in 2020 and has been battling various health problems in recent years. He was supposed to kick off his European tour in May, originally set for 2019 and then rescheduled three times, but now it has been officially canceled along with other dates in the future.

'Real Housewives' star says her back-on husband crossed a line with another woman before they recently married for the second time, more news

'Real Housewives' star Robyn Dixon reveals her back-on husband cheated on her before they married for the second time, more celeb love news.

What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now

We don't even recognize some of these celebrities...